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Sunday's Outfit

This outfit is actually from Sunday . Its pretty simple. The dress is new from TJ Maxx. Sorry if you cant see it very well. I seem to have misplaced my camera so these pictures were taken with my phone. My gladiator sandals have been worn so much! I LOVE them! They go with literally everything!I would say this outfit is dark with a bohemian with a sort of beachy touch. Lol also if u look behind my head you can see the beautiful Harry Styles who is on my new One Direction poster. ;)

Dress - TJ Maxx
White Shawl ( like thing lol ;) - JcPenney  - Olsenboye
Leggings - JcPenney - Olsenboye
Shoes - Shoe Carnival
Eye Bracelet - local Greek Festival
Second bracelet - H&M
Last Zodiac bracelet - Earthbound Trading
Ring - Forever21

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