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Lyndra Reviews - Now You See Me

This will be my first ever movie review. I decided I want to make this blog about more things besides fashion although I will still be doing outfit posts.

A few weeks ago I went to see the movie, Now You See Me. The movie is basically about a group of independent magicians who are brought together through a business deal and common interests . They become a big hit in Vegas. What really makes them unique is their tricks, especially when they use one of those tricks to rob a bank and give all the money to their audience.

My overall opinion of the movie is that the plot was interesting but I did start to lose interest after about half of the movie. If you are not someone who likes very heavy mysteries or stories that play with your mind, then this is not the movie for you. Although the tricks were very entertaining, this is not a magic show. Its a crime solving mystery . The acting was very good, as well as the props and scenery. The story was a lot deeper than I had expected it to be. I will say that although I was disappointed, my mom and her friend were not. So, maybe this film is better for an older audience. There is profanity and a small sex scene at the beginning. So, if those kinds of things bother you that is something you should keep in mind, when deciding whether or not you're going to go see this movie or purchase it on DVD/Blue Ray.

For ratings, I give it 3 and a half stars. The acting was good and at times it was very funny. Yet, I often got lost in the complications of the story and wondered where exactly the story was going. It was entertaining but still very far from being one of my favorite movies.

I hope this review helps you guys. Thanks for reading. :)

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