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My take on Project Runway - Episode 9

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OMG! This episode was crazy! First I must say that I am super happy that Mondo won this challenge! He totally deserved it! He is always so creative and cool with his designs! The couture design is so cool! I especially love the hate he made to go with the dress. Above is a picture of  his winning designs. The challenge was to create a look that would be featured in a Loreal Paris ad. The winner would not only have their look featured in a Loreal Paris ad but he or she would also receive 20,000 dollars! Then there was a twist( as always ;) They had to make a second wearable look to go with  couture design. This was a very tough challenge for Valerie. She was so close to leaving , and I still think she deserved to leave. Ivy unfortunately had to go home. She is a good seamstress but I do not believe that she is very creative. Yet, she is still a very good designer. This show is so insane. There are times when I hate it and times when I love it, as I have said before. All in all this episode was very dramatic yet stayed true to what Project Runway is all about. The episode ended with a cliffhanger to the next episode. Tim brought in some guests and everyone freaked out! So, I will definitely be tuning in to the next episode. 

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  1. that's so funny-- i just finished watching this epsidode on demand and i feel the same as you...


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