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Alone, not Lonely and very Blessed.

Today I did something that may seem small to you, who is reading this blog post, but is very big to me. I actually ate lunch in the dining hall at my college by myself. Not only did I eat by myself, but I felt good about it. I ate dinner with friends but I didn't do it because I felt insecure or as a social crutch. This is a huge milestone for me. I used to feel so bad and insecure about not being out socializing every weekend like I thought others were. This is something I have struggled with for a while. When I was younger, I used to have to sit by myself in school. Now I feel much more comfortable in where I am in my life. I know that I am sitting alone not because I don't have friends but because I can. It didnt feel weird at all like before. Im finally in a place great enough in my life where I feel comfortable doing things by myself without feeling lonely.  I have learned to put my studies first. I do hang out sometimes but I now know that missing out on events and not being with people all the time is not the end of the world. I used to be so worried about fitting in and finding the right friends. I have learned that great friends do not have to have a lot in common with you. I know some people that are so different from me but so nice. We have so much fun together.  We sort of get to show each other things from each others worlds that are so different but also so unique. When it comes to college and just life in general, balance is key. Forgiveness is also key. If you like me and most students, struggle in the beginning, its ok. We live in this crazy thing we call life. So, things are not always going to go your way or fall into place at first. If we all just trust God, not just when things go well but in thick and thin, everything will be ok. 


Personal Reflection - My First Semester of College.

My first semester of college was absolutely insane. Things were constantly changing which I didn't really like. I wanted to be better than what I was last year so bad that I ended up trying too hard. My senior was really hard. I was very stressed out about getting into the school I now attend and was just very dissatisfied with myself at the time. I go to a small all girls college so its not like there are parties all around me or anything like that. We are close to a large university that has lots of activities that are also available to us. I was so excited in the beginning but very insecure and nervous. I was so concerned with making friends and getting involved. I started trying out some of the Christian organizations on campus. I felt like it would help and like it was something my parents would want me to do. Some were better than others. I was trying out a few churches and doing lots of activities and clubs and things related to study abroad. I felt like I needed to do these things in order to be known on campus and do well. Yet, I was so tired at the end of the day and usually had to stay up very late to finish homework and such. I started getting more involved with one Christian group and hanging out with them. It seemed like things were starting to come together. Then I got an email saying I was failing a class and had a D in another. I knew I was struggling but was too caught up in wanting to do well in other areas. Mid terms were very rough. I was not able to participate in homecoming because of my low grades and felt very alone even though I knew many people. I talked to one of my friends who was able to help. I actually talked to several friends who were able to help. Yet, I didn't totally realize what I needed to fix until I reevaluated things on my own. Many of the things that were problems for me came from insecurities I was having trouble holding onto. Ive learned its ok not to be doing something all the time. It doesnt mean you dont have friends or dont have a good social life. It just means that you're not doing something at the time. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Its ok to be alone sometimes. Its good to have alone time to recuperate and chill or catch up on homework. Its ok not to have something to do every weekend all the time. Ive learned that thats ok . I wasnt used to that kind of thing socially since in high school I was pretty chill, hung out with friends every now and then, but didnt really know what it was like. Now I feel like I will be able to balance things out so I will be able to hang out with my friends and bring my grades up and also keep them up. Its ok if you try out a bunch of different groups but when you find one you like the most its ok to spend more time with them than others. I tried way to hard trying to get to know a lot of people . I realized not everyone was someone who I wanted to be around a lot. Some of those people were kinda similar to me but pretty negative or just not uplifting. If they dont like that or if you wanna go to a different group instead of another cause of get more out of it thats fine! If they dont like it then fuck them! Excuse my french but I noticed that when I stopped worrying about what others thought of me a lot got better. Also if you think you want it all, you dont. No one wants it all. We want the outcome of it all but good things can come without totally burning ourselves out and doing things we think we enjoy but are only doing because were either used to it , feel obligated to it, or are trying to impress someone or ourselves. Really think about why you are doing that club or event or even major. Just because youre good at it doesnt mean you're gonna be loving it 10-20 years down the line. Thats what really matters, that you do something you are passionate about and still can make a living from it. Less really is more. Going back to doing too much at first, its good to explore a wide variety of things but then narrow it down to what you really wanna do. This coming semester I will probably only be doing 2 clubs and then getting involved with a Christian organization I enjoy a lot. I wish I had done that more and not spread myself so thin that I was literally exhausted at the end of the day both physically and emotionally. Its ok not to have a good day every day but a positive attitude can help. Small talk is pretty common not just on campus but in life. If someone asks you how you are if youre not good or fine they dont say it. Not that you should be a downer and say youre life sucks or start complaining which I dont like. Its ok to complain sometimes but too much can bring both you and the other people down. Just be honest and say like " not great but I can't complain " or if it is good then thats fine too. A lot of this is me talking to myself and to someone that this might help. Now I feel comfortable with who I hang out with and am ok with not doing everything and missing out on things to study. Because thats the main reason you are in college to learn. Also gen eds are gonna suck. Just try to get through and work hard. Although there is a lot I wish I had done differently, I feel like Ive learned a lot about myself and have grown a lot. Its crazy to think that about a month ago I was wondering if I was even gonna make it and now I love my school and am so excited for the rest that is to come. 


Beach Trip 2013

From June 26-29, 2013, my family and I went on vacation to South Carolina. We did many things. This blog post is doing to be a summary of my favorite things that we did.
So, of course we had to go to the beach. The water was absolutely beautiful. I love just walking on the beach. It feels very peaceful and relaxing.

We went to the boardwalk. There we went to some shops. We also rode the Sky Wheel. I honestly did not enjoy this ride at all but I am glad I gave it a try. It looked amazing from below. The sun hit it perfectly. I had to get it on camera!

For lunch, we ate at the Landshark Bar and Grill. The food was so good! I got the fish tacos that were absolutely delicious.

My mom and I went to the Hopsewee Plantation. This plantation was actually home to one of the few South Carolina residents who signed the Declaration of Independence. We got a tour of the inside of the house and ate in the tea room. Unfortunately, I was only allowed to take pictures on the porch but the house was so beautiful inside and out.

The food and tea was so good. I got the Hopsewee House Tea. It was so sweet.
For food I got the Chicken Creole. It was so warm and just delicious! With it came a blue cheese salad and cheese biscuit, both very good.

The morning of us going home we ate breakfast at a restaurant called Eggs Up Grill. I got banana and almond Belgian waffles. They were delicious!

 Thanks so much for reading. If you would like to watch the actual videos of my trip please check out my vlog channel on YouTube. The link is below.
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The Colors of Us - A Poem by Lyndranette

When I was at an overnight event at my college, we had to present something for the talent showcase. I worked really hard on it and they actually really liked it. I thought I would share it with you all.

The Colors of Us
The colors of us
The diversity of us
The shades of our skin, that keeps bloodlines thick and thin
So strong for so long keeping us united as one
Yet, they also kept us divided for quite sometime with unjust rules that were so evil and cruel
 There were fights that were fought, some won and some lost ; civil rights always trying its best to give all shades a fair chance
Although the war is not over we have come so far already
Moving on, with positive thoughts and victory in our minds
The colors of us
The diversity of us
Shining through us true and strong
Guiding us and strengthening us
For the journey has just begun...
Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you thought in the comments below! If you didn't like it please don't be too hard. Its been quite a while since I've written a poem.
Lyndra love you. Bye! :)


Lyndra Reviews - Now You See Me

This will be my first ever movie review. I decided I want to make this blog about more things besides fashion although I will still be doing outfit posts.

A few weeks ago I went to see the movie, Now You See Me. The movie is basically about a group of independent magicians who are brought together through a business deal and common interests . They become a big hit in Vegas. What really makes them unique is their tricks, especially when they use one of those tricks to rob a bank and give all the money to their audience.

My overall opinion of the movie is that the plot was interesting but I did start to lose interest after about half of the movie. If you are not someone who likes very heavy mysteries or stories that play with your mind, then this is not the movie for you. Although the tricks were very entertaining, this is not a magic show. Its a crime solving mystery . The acting was very good, as well as the props and scenery. The story was a lot deeper than I had expected it to be. I will say that although I was disappointed, my mom and her friend were not. So, maybe this film is better for an older audience. There is profanity and a small sex scene at the beginning. So, if those kinds of things bother you that is something you should keep in mind, when deciding whether or not you're going to go see this movie or purchase it on DVD/Blue Ray.

For ratings, I give it 3 and a half stars. The acting was good and at times it was very funny. Yet, I often got lost in the complications of the story and wondered where exactly the story was going. It was entertaining but still very far from being one of my favorite movies.

I hope this review helps you guys. Thanks for reading. :)


Outfit of the Day - April 7 , 2013

The main goal I was trying to achieve with this outfit was comfort and it was definitely achieved . I felt very much like Kylie Jenner actually . This is because of how beachy and laid back this outfit is but with a bit of edge . It really seems like something she would wear .

Shirt - Hollister
Necklace - Jcpenney
Leggings - Target
Sandals - Shoe Carnival


What I Wore to Church

This is what I wore to church on Sunday . I am so in love with my new Lauren Conrad sweater ! The hearts are are cute on it ! So excited to try out new ways to style it ! I also have been really into wearing my scarf like this . The style was inspired by YouTuber I enjoy watching called FleurDeForce. These corduroys are super comfy ! Of course I had to add my glittery converse . I also recently got an Instagram so follow me - @crazylyn013